Polished Concrete & Grind and Seal

Grind & Seal

This system can be a cost effective alternative when a grind to polish is found to be too cost prohibitive. With this flooring option, we grind to only an 80 or 100/200 grit level and then apply a clear protective sealer to give the concrete surface cleanability and a "faux polish" – we refer to this system as "Grind and Seal". Sealing the floor also provides superior stain resistance in comparison to polished concrete.

Polished Concrete

A full polished system includes integral densifiers applied to the surface throughout the grinding process. 800/1500/3000 grit diamonds are used in succession and a stain protection coating is applied at the final stage. A full polish system provides superior scratch and mark resistance in comparison to grind & seal floors.

Finish Options

Power Trowel

Minimal exposure of fine aggregates or sands, this look maintains the finish created by the power troweling completed by the concrete finishers. No aggregate is exposed in this option. This finish option is also referred to as a steel trowel finish.   Also, to note is that any staining or flaws in the existing concrete will be visible using this option due to the minimal grinding. To guarantee a uniform finish, ensure concrete finishers properly hand trowel right to the edge of the floor.

Salt and Pepper or Class B Fine Aggregates

A Cut depth of ~1/16 of an inch with our specialized floor grinders, exposes fines and sand, with no larger aggregate seen. A high floor flatness requirement is critical to maintaining a uniform appearance.

Full Exposure or Class C – Medium Aggregates

A Cut depth of ~1/8 of an inch exposes small to medium aggregate. High Floor Flatness requirement is critical to maintaining a uniform appearance. All surface paste is removed.  This labour intense look exposes a majority of the aggregate, providing the final appearance of small stones exposed within the polished floor. Note that this floor is very reliant on the depth of the existing aggregate, and if pouring a new floor in the hope of a full exposure polished floor, please talk to RADA prior to the pouring the concrete, to ensure desired finish.