Floor Prep & Concrete Repairs

HTC 270/500/800, Innovatech and Husqvarna concrete grind/polishing machines: These machines are shrouded and are hooked up to top of the line HEPA dust extraction vacuums. They can be used to remove existing coatings and to prepare the concrete surface to ensure a clean and suitably profiled substrate for superior adhesion of new coatings.  Alternately, the machines can also be used for smoothing rough or rained out concrete slabs. These specialty floor prep machines can also be used for "concrete polishing systems" (see decorative concrete section).

Shotblasting: Our ride-on diesel shotblaster can quickly clean and provide an aggressive profile in preparation for installation of traffic membranes or high build coatings.  This shotblast machine also has the added benefit of being able to be outfitted with a diamond head to grind large open areas.

Terminator: This ride-on battery powered floor scraping machine has interchangeable blades and is specially designed for quick and easy removal of tile, carpet, lino, coatings, and floor membranes in large open areas.

Scarifier: This tough machine is specifically outfitted with carbide cutters and designed for sidewalk repairs (i.e. trip hazards), traffic line removal, coating preparation, creating non-slip surfaces and removal of high spots in concrete.

All these machines can be used for:

  • Removal of existing coatings or floorings to bare concrete
  • Removal of the top soft layer of concrete on rained out slabs
  • Smoothing existing concrete in preparation for flooring goods
  • Creating a very aggressive profile in the concrete surface for superior adhesion of new coatings
  • Creating  a 'Polished Concrete' appearance